yogazoh is a home yoga studio (separate from the home area) in Bray Park, Brisbane.


Classes & Rates


Hatha Yoga

Practice of asanas (poses) by focusing on the breath, creating alignment in your body and strengthening a balance between body and mind.  Basic style of yoga and suitable for everyone.


Monday 9:30-10:30
Wednesday 18:30-19:30


Casual  $18 │ 5 class pass $80 (NO expiry)

***Class Passes cannot be refunded or returned, exchanged or transferred between person.

Restorative Yoga (Monthly class)

Restorative yoga, sometimes called “Active Relaxation”, is very gentle and passive yoga practice. With a completely supportive environment (your body is supported by props such as bolsters, blankets and chair etc.) you hold each pose for a long period of time. Restorative yoga allows you to relax more deeply and gives you a permission to rest.


Saturday, 25th August 14:00-15:45

Fee: $25 (Bookings are essential and prepayment is required. Please note that the fee is non-refundable.)

For booking and bank details, please contact us.


Booking is required for all classes as the space is limited.



Sound Healing with Singing Ring ®

Stay tuned…







Yoga in Japanese

I also teach yoga in Japanese.  Please visit Japanese page for details.




About Myself

I began practicing yoga to balance my busy full-time working life in Australia and Japan (I was not flexible at all!).  Although I took some time-off from the practice in between, gradually I was drawn further into it which led me to undertake the first teacher training in 2010. I have moved to Perth (Western Australia) in 2011, started to teach yoga, completed level 2 teacher training and then moved to Brisbane in 2015.  Currently I teach yoga at home studio, yoga studio and fitness club in Brisbane North area.

Yoga has been a wonderful tool for me to find myself and cherish the present moment – to learn to simply ‘be’ without the need to constantly achieve.  I enjoy sharing my love of yoga with others and hope everyone will feel nourished and refreshed after the class. Looking forward to seeing you all on the mat 🙂

Kayoko Yoshida


Completed training

Level 1 and 2 Teacher Training
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Lizzie Lasater

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500)




Booking is required for all classes as the space is limited. Class booking or any inquiries, please contact us.



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