Yoga & Vibrational Sound Therapy

オーストラリア 自宅ヨガスタジオ

Yoga | Singing Ring® Group Sound Bath | Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage

Evening Yoga

Welcome to our beginner-friendly, small-sized class (limited to a maximum of 5 people) with individualized attention.  We practice fundamental asanas (poses) while being mindful of your breath to align and harmonize your mind and body. The class concludes with a brief sound bath during Shavasana (resting pose) for ultimate relaxation.

This class is suitable for those new to yoga, those who haven’t practiced in a while, or anyone who prefers a small group setting.

TuesdayWednesday 18:00-19:00

Fee: $22.50
Please bring your own mat. Other props such as yoga blocks, straps, cushions, and bolsters are available for your use to support your practice when needed.

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Singing Ring® Group Sound Bath

Join us for a unique experience where you can unwind, relax, and immerse yourself in a meditative journey through the soothing sounds and vibrations of the Singing Ring®.

Feel the gentle vibrations resonate through your body as the bowls are carefully placed and moved on your body.

In this session, you are not merely listening to the sound; you are also invited to experience the profound vibrations of the Singing Ring®. This immersive session is designed to guide you from the hustle of daily life to a place of calm. No meditation experience is necessary. We start the session with light stretches (neck, shoulders and back).

What is Singing Ring®?

Singing Ring® is a crystal-infused healing instrument that originated in Japan. It produces abundant harmonic overtones, ranging from low to high frequencies (from inaudible to audible). Several scientific studies have demonstrated the positive effects of the Singing Ring® on both the body and mind.

More about Singing Ring®︎

Please wear comfortable clothing, all props (mats, blankets, bolsters, cushions and eye pillows) are provided, just bring yourself.

Tuesday, 16th & Wednesday, 17th

Fee: $30

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Private group session is available by appointment (up to 4 people), please feel free to contact me to arrange the date.

More information abut Singing Ring®
(Sion Inc Website)

Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage

This is an individual session using five Singing Ring® bowls – one above the head, two next to ears, one between the feet and one with a suction cup on your body.

The session combined with Ayurveda and Aromatherapy to help you to balance your five senses.  The session has three types as follows:

・Forest sound session for Vata people to slow down and relax deeply
・Water sound session for Pitta people to cool down and feel serenity
・Wind sound session for Kapha people to refresh and feel your body lighter

We will find which type is right for you during the consultation at the beginning.

The overall duration of the first appointment is 90 minutes.
60 minutes whole body therapy (back & front) and 15 minutes consultation before and after the session.

Fee: $120 (Gift Voucher is available)

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About Myself

I met yoga when I needed to balance my busy full-time working life in Australia and Japan. Initially falling in love with the physical aspects of the practice, yoga has become something deeper for me.  Although I took some time-off from the practice in between, gradually I was drawn further into it which led me to undertake the first teacher training.

Since then, I have been teaching yoga after being in the corporate world over 10+ years which was life-changing choice for me. I continue to learn and explore yoga (asana and philosophy) as I believe being a student is fundamental to teach.

Yoga has been a wonderful tool for me to find myself and cherish the present moment – to learn to simply ‘be’ without the need to constantly achieve.  I enjoy sharing my love of yoga with others and hope everyone will find the beauty of yoga.

See you on the mat 🙂

Kayoko Yoshida

Completed training

Yoga Alliance Certified 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training by Lizzie Lasater
Yoga for Older Grownups by Maria Kirsten